About Trust Thathwamasi

"Swamy Saranam"

Om Sri Hariharaputra Swamyne Namaha.

O Son of Himavaan, Dear Child of Mohini, Prince of Pandalam, Ocean of Compassion, Immortal Mountain of good qualities!

Whether good things come or disaster happens, I have nothing to know about them and worry.

For I have offered all that I had to you when I surrendered, so it is your problem not mine!

We started our journey in 1992 , following our GURU’S footsteps. It has been 21 long years now. It was at a small house in Ramnagar, Coimbatore where it all started. Under the able leadership of Mr.Anantha Krishnan Guruswamy We , an enthusiastic & highly pious group of fifteen members, started this annual beautiful journey to Bhagawan’s Poongavanam, exploring and still exploring to attain the Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Dharmasastha, by this holy pilgrimage. Yes , it is a long holy journey from under a very small roof.Time and again lot of people kept coming and leaving the group and yet we have around 25-30 people staunchly following our team every year. This includes a very pious & enthusiastic group of devotees from Hosur, Bangalore and Chennai. All the way they travel to Coimbatore for Kettu Nirai every year. That’s the spirit he injects in us.

An adorable and an affordable portrait of Lord Ayyapppa and similar such vignettes of Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Lord Saraswathi, Lord Venkatachalapathi and a Devi which are ambrosial yet saving portraits of our beloved Gods, we performed pujas, rituals and offered him our musical samarpanams and we invoked his blessings. It would be even better to say that he was merciful enough to shower his blessings on us. We are happy, proud and blessed to have being used the same portrait for 21 years now in all our pujas.

We fast for 48 days, we trek for 48 miles and we walk for 48 hours to reach the Holy 18 steps. When we first touch the 1st step we realign the pain, sorrow, fear, anger and agony that are filtered automatically from our body. Our mind, heart and tongue spells only one Mantra,

"Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa"

Each devotee of "Lord Ayyappa" has his own experience with our Bhakthavatsalan Ayyappan and awes at the wonders that has happened to him. We would rather say that it has to be felt from within, than to be spelt for, by someone else.

"Devotion to Job is Devotion to God" . Indeed, our social and professional lives keeps us busy throughout the year. It must be the magic by our Paramporul himself which coordinates , controls and unites us when Kaarthigai month takes birth. It is really awe-instilling to see the spiritual inspiration that every person is geared up with, when the Mandalam starts. We feel, it will be apt to call us as the "Ayyappa family" rather than the Ayyappa devotees. We might be divided by our location, profession and practices yet we are united under his holy name.

"Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa"

Kanchi Maha Swamigal said:

"It is to attain this highest of states in which the individual self dissolves inseparably in Brahman that a man becomes a sannyasi after forsaking the very karma that gives him inward maturity. When he is initiated into sannyasa he is taught four mantras, the four [principal] mahavakyas, the prime of which being Thathwamasi"

Ayyappan is in Yoga Peetam at Sabarimala; He is a Gurunathan there. That’s the reason he explicitly teaches this Maha Vaakya Saaram ieThathwamasi with his Chinmudra...

Mahayogapeeto jwalantham mahantham

Mahavaakya Saaropadesham Sushaantham

Maharshi Praharsha pradham gnana kaantham

Param jyoti roopam bhaje bhoothanatham

We followed this eternal principle, we made our hearts temple to him, we offered our bodies as stay palace to him, and there he is in all of us, re-emphasizing Thathwamasi.

Thathwamasi is the fulfilment of spiritual knowledge. There is no second - "I am that Supreme Entity"

This complex adwaithic wisdom is made simple in Ayyappa Thathwam... The State of Oneness... That’s the reason, once we wear the Maala, we are taught to see everything as Ayyappan and everyone as Ayyappan.

Though we just call it outwardly and most of us never try to put the theory "everything is Ayyappan" into practice.., Trust Thathwamasi believes "Every being is Ayyappan" "Every Devotee is Ayyappan" "Every piece of rock and mud is Ayyappan". Now there is no question of "I" here. because even "Iam Ayyappan." i.e, "I am that Supreme entity". i.e, "Thathwamasi"

We wanted to be a representative of this great ideology.

Hence this Nobel initiative.

"Trust in Thathwamasi" " Trust Thathwamasi"